What does it cost to build a new website?

The cost of building a new website can vary greatly depending on the:

  • Quantity (number of pages) of the website;
  • Quality of the website (excellent photography and compelling text makes a HUGE difference in keeping visitors interested in what you have to offer and making a conversion (sales, sign-ups, etc.);
  • Extra features: e-commerce, on-line forms such as questionnaires, videos, slides, galleries and more.

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Can my staff maintain the site once it's built?

Absolutely! We build all of our websites using WordPress as the core which means that for most purposes it is easy and quick to add and edit text and image content, as well as add new web pages. We encourage our clients to manage their own content edited whenever possible. We will provide you with free written and/or video tutorials on using WordPress from beginner to advanced. In most cases you, or your staff, will be able to make basic edits to your website after just one hour of tutoring.

Why is content so important to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

While there is no magic bullet for writing content for a web page that will rank highly in search engines, there are a few things that search engines look for consistently which help your website’s ranking:

Strong content: If you focus on nothing else, you should focus on the content (compelling and informative text and images) of your web pages. Search engines are constantly tuning their programs to read and review the content of web pages to make sure that it really is about what you say it’s about. Content is king on a web page both for your readers and for search engines.

Keyword phrases: Optimize your pages by incorporating the keyword phrases (two words or more) your potential customers might use to search for your product or service. Make sure that that phrase is repeated in the content, the headlines, and links within the page.

Optimize each page: If you treat every page as a possible entry page, aka ‘Landing Page’ on your web site, your readers will have more ways to find the site.

Email 'Blasts' and On-line Newsletters

Email is an excellent and cost effective way to alert your clients to upcoming specials, events, and additions to the site. They are also a great way to build business and remind your customers you’re out there. PDX Website Design offers design services to customize your email campaigns to match your branding (logo colors, website design, letterhead, etc. Custom templates not only include branding but can also include links to specific pages on your website, Calls-To-Action and much more!