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Optimizing home or office air conditioning comfort in Arizona can be a daunting investment. Efficient, cost-effective, and reliable heat pump package units replacement requires customized adjustments. With so many units and features to choose from, the list of options can feel overwhelming.

从新的暖通365滚球APP安装升级到系统更换, 房主面临许多购买决定. 选择了错误类型的暖通365滚球APP系统,你的舒适度受到损害. 确定错误的热泵机组模型, 这样你就失去了节省大量成本的机会, in energy expenses, as well as unit pricing.

The following tips will help you decide which heat pump package unit replacement best suits your unique home environment.


热泵通过吸收热量来移动热能, transferring, 然后从一个空间向另一个空间释放热量. When heating a home, the hot air from outside is collected and later released inside. 当给房子降温时,热量会从室内散发到室外. 但就像所有有活动部件的设备一样, 热泵最终会磨损,需要更换或升级.

Point to consider: Functional is not the same thing as cost-efficient, reliable, and comfortable. Just because a home heating and cooling system continue to churn does not mean that it is churning as it should. Here are a few signs to help you decide if a heat pump packing unit replacement is in order.

1. 对热泵维修的过度需求

所有的机器都会时不时地出故障. But be sensible. When the call for repairs or the routine costs in system upkeep exceeds regular maintenance and minor corrections, 可能是时候更换热泵机组了, 升级或新安装.

2. Excessive Increase In Your Heating and Cooling Energy Bills and Energy Consumption

Due to rate hikes, we expect an occasional yearly increase in home heating and cooling expenses. However, when the monthly consumption of energy kicks into a steady rise in the energy bills, 热泵系统可能出问题了. 在立即做出判断之前,先把其他家用电器排除在外. 但如果所有其他能量损失的可能性都被排除, 只有加热和冷却系统仍然是个问题, 也许是时候投资一个新的, 定制热泵包单元更换.

3. 从您现有的热泵机组发出过多或不寻常的噪音

Excessive or unusual noises from heating and cooling equipment is a sign of a critical need for service or replacement. It is like with a squeaky wheel, leave it unchecked, and the bearings eventually seize.

有时,暖通365滚球APP系统中的异常噪声会被追踪到脏过滤器中, fault ductwork, or loose vents. 纠正这类问题通常相当简单. However, sometimes the noise relates to worn out motors, damaged fans, and more. A most important point of all: Find the cause of the sound and repair if possible. 否则,不要等待一个抓住. 考虑升级或更换您的热泵机组尽快.

4. 室内温度过度不平衡

Efficient heating and cooling require balanced distribution in airflow and temperature. When some rooms get too cold while others get too hot, something in your HVAC system is out of whack. 当你的相对湿度不平衡时也是如此. These problems may relate to simple conditions such as leaks in the ventilation system, 家里有一扇开着的窗户, or a clogged filter. However, 当必要的维修和维护未能解决问题时, consider that you may need an upgrade or replacement heat pump package system.

5. 现有单位年龄过大

We live in a world where people upgrade their cell phones almost every year, 有时甚至更频繁. 这是因为技术进步了,而变化可以带来新的好处. A ten to twelve lifespan is the average run for heating and cooling equipment. 有些单位可能会持续更久. But can even a well-functioning aged-out heat pump provide the cost benefits of a new packaged heat pump unit replacement? What do you think?

To schedule a free replacement estimate or comprehensive service and testing of your existing heating and cooling system, 请联系服务团队 美国制冷和供热系统 Authorized Dealer for Trane, Ruud, Goodman, and other Major Package Heat Pump brands.


包装或独立的, heating, and cooling units combine all components into a single cabinet that is typically installed outdoors on concrete slabs or flat rooftops. 穿过屋顶或墙壁的, the associated ductwork distributes the airflow to and from the installed package.

Individual components within a packaged HVAC unit vary according to the style and needs of the system. 三种基本风格包括打包的交流仅单元, packaged heat pump units, 以及成套的燃气/电力系统. Professional installers can provide the distinctions for which unit best fits an individual need.

Ruud Package Heat Pump
Trane Package Heat Pump


Summer is coming and with temperatures up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade you need to be prepared if you live in Arizona. The best way to be prepared is to make sure that your AC unit or AC system is up to snuff and operating optimally and that it’s mechanically ready to perform throughout the season. If you have an older AC unit or AC system then it may be time to upgrade and get new equipment with a good warranty. With the phase out of R22 refrigerant your best bet is to be prepared with a new R410A system in place or with your current R410A system serviced correctly. American cooling and heating specializes in high-end top quality AC installation work that includes a lifetime warranty on workmanship. 我们还为各大品牌提供专业服务. 随时给我们打电话免费咨询!










特灵365滚球APP是否比开利、古德曼、伦诺克斯等品牌更好? 答案实际上取决于几个因素, first of which is what models are being compared and also how professionally it is installed. Reliable air conditioning installation establishes the groundwork for long-term Arizona HVAC equipment durability.

Professional training of technicians backed by company-enforced installation workmanship assures that your 美国制冷和供热系统 installed A/C system meets or exceeds manufacturer defined efficiency ratings. 当ACH公司在亚利桑那州出售365滚球APP时, 我们涵盖了整个项目, including professional installation that complies with manufacturer established specification, 亚利桑那州地区暖通365滚球APP安装规范和所有国家能源, 机械和电气要求.

我们公司的意见是 特灵365滚球APP产品 是否精心设计,关注每一个细节, 严格的测试,以确保持久的可靠性. Most other manufacturers construct their products from the same generic parts that are readily available to everyone, 但特灵超越自我,生产独特创新的产品. Trane designs, builds, 测试他们自己的一些部分,知道他们的工作, 因为它们高于一般的行业标准. 您可以一直期望和指望特灵365滚球APP的可靠性. 



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特灵XR16低调365滚球APP,低调Trane Low Profile Air Conditioning In The News: Trane XR16 May 2017 News Brief

Do you ever wonder what keeps the Trane HVAC division in the forefront of air conditioning technology? 答案来自于大量的术语:

  • HVAC Innovation
  • 注意365滚球APP概念和细节
  • 关注365滚球APP设计和效率
  • 隔离特定的HVAC目的和功能
  • 以客户为中心的高品质365滚球APP.

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